This video shows the seriousness of the weapons used in the streets, by the so called human rights unarmed peaceful protesters. The criminal gangs show us the seriousness of the weapons used in the streets of Homs and especially Pope Amr. Even the army’s  tanks and armored vehicles can no longer protect the army from the terrorists. We assure everyone that the anti-tank weapons used against this vehicle is the weapon of high-resolution tandem Odhu padding and very dangerous .. Which led to the bombing from inside the vehicle and the bombing of the entire ammunition, killing all the crew on board the 12-people with a driver.

How can the world protect the people who do this. These terrorists are animals and have committed the most horrific murders of innocent people, torturing, raping and dismembering bodies. For one reason and that is to blame the Syrian government. The media are fueling these murders by believing their films. The more the media is on the side to the terrorists, the more murders they will commit. These people need to be taken off the streets and in prison where they belong. Yet the enemies of Syria want the tanks off the streets, the army who are protecting the innocent people from being murdered by these terrorist. Has the world gone mad!!!!!