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Foreign journalists, who left Aleppo last night, confirmed that many escapes have been recorded in the ranks of terrorists.

The terrorists, as they said, had escaped into the northern villages, or maybe to Turkey.

The escapes are related to harsh strikes made by Syrian air forces for the dens and strongholds of the militants.

Al-Watan Newspaper indicated that the decisive battle will begin within hours.

The Newspaper quoted journalists that the Army has begun setting up checkpoints in several neighborhoods of Aleppo, in order to prevent the rest of who have remained in to escape or withdraw, pointing out that the Army has made it up to annihilate every single terrorist there.

In the same context, media sources confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army has made a progress last night in Salah el-Din neighbourhood.

The very sources indicated that military enforcements are on way to ring the bell of the up-coming crucial battle.

Aerial strikes continued for the second day in a row against the militants’ gathering points and operating rooms pointed in salah el-Din, Saif al-Dawleh, al-Sukari, al-Shaar and al-Sakhour, in a prior move preparing to storm the very neighbourhood, cleansing and demolishing all the gunmen by the elite forces of Syrian Arab Army.

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