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UNICEF part of the UN is now recruiting and training young journalists to work for Al Jazeera. 

UNISEF have now taken all reference to Al Jazeera off their Facebook, but not in their photos.

What better place for Al Jazeera to recruit gullible young journalists who are oblivious to what is going on outside the walls of their country, but in USA backed Kosovo. Now we can see the direct link with the UN and Al Jazeera which is just a propaganda station which incites war.

We have seen them sending messages to terrorists, when to demonstrate, with one Syrian girl surprised at seeing on Al Jazeera that a demonstration was happening outside her house. Of course there was no demonstration at that time, but one hour later the demonstrators arrived.

We have seen the fake films that Al Jazeera has made on several occasions and of course all the resignations of staff who did not want to be part of what was going on.

I would like all of you who now believe that Al Jazeera is a biased propaganda machine, to go to this site and let them know what you think of UN recruiting for Al Jazeera. Maybe this is proof that the UN have been directing Al Jazeera all along to incite war.

The below statement has now been taken off their page.

A collaborative endeavor implemented by Innovations Lab Kosovo and Al Jazeera Media Network, this six-month pilot project will offer approximately 30 young people in Kosovo a jump-start into the world of citizen journalism. Two full-day trainings – jointly delivered by Al Jazeera professionals and Innovations Lab Kosovo staff – will acquaint participants with a spectrum of skills fundamental to both traditional and “citizen” journalism. At the same time, project participants will have ongoing mentorship and support as they develop their own article or multimedia work. Upon conclusion of the formal training and project period, project graduates will be given access to Al Jazeera’s citizen journalism platform. It is hoped that project graduates will employ the training and equipment afforded through the project to continue contributing material as citizen journalists by covering events and issues in th…

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Kosovo is getting a bad reputation for training terrorists and now they are training propagandists.