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US authorities have arrested an ex-soldier and charge him by “Using the weapon outside USA” in Syria during his participant in the fighting against Syrian Army.


The soldier is called by Erick Haroun, who has 30 year old, has served in U.S. army between 2000-2003.

Aaron has been accused by being a fighter of al-Nusra Front in Syria, which is linked to al-Qaeda Organization of Iraq that is considered as a terrorist organization due to United States.

Aaron, who has been arrested by U.S authorities when he returned, faces a life sentence if he convicted.

According to the indictment that Aaron, who entered Syria in January 2013, “conspired to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the United States,” a charge provided by the law applies to Americans wherever they are.

Aaron is accused by fighting within the group, which uses RBGs rocket-propelled grenades, but he does not face the charge of providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Aaron has been trained on using R.B.Gs rocket by fighters of al-Nusra Front and has participated

Prosecutors say “he also publishes pictures of himself in social networking sites, carrying rocket-propelled grenade launcher and other weapons”.

Aaron also appears in two videotapes about the war in Syria, says in one of them, “O Bashar al-Assad, that your days are numbered, you will not slip away, we will chase wherever you go and kill you”.

Officials say “Aaron has confessed during his investigation when he got arrested that he knew that the United States has listed al-Nusra Front on its list of terrorist organizations.

And Aaron appears before a U.S. judge for the first time on Thursday, and officials say “the court will appoint a lawyer defending him”.

Erick Haroun with RPG launcher :

jihadist ” terrorists: from USA and Chechen