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Nothing encapsulates the age of stupidity we live in more than this scene.

This is so-called Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour. Although she wouldn’t be caught dead at a pro-Palestine rally — she wouldn’t wanna draw the ire of her handlers at the State Department. But she’s never met an FSA rally she didn’t like; or a Black Lives Matter rally, for that matter. Because she LOVES a good photo-op. She shamelessly puts her ambitions ahead of her principles, and ahead of the cause she professes to uphold.

She routinely bashes president Assad, despite the fact that she couldn’t even find Syria on a map. Meanwhile, the “freedom fighters” she glorifies just beheaded a 12 year old Palestinian child.

This is the major issue with the Palestinian cause today: many of the prominent activists that speak in its name have been co-opted by their oppressors. Very few of them even mentioned this tragedy today. It’s crucial that we expose and shame these sellouts at every opportunity, and support the noble ones that remain true to the cause.

by Joanne Zahlan Faith Einkarem