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US Sends Flight to Rescue MKO Terrorists out of Iraq

US moves top terrorist from Iraq

Alwaght– United States has sent a special flight to move the top leaders of Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO), an anti-Iran terrorist group operating from camps in Iraq, Iranian Tasnim News Agency reported

The flight was missioned to rescue the closest colleagues of Masud Rajavi, group’s leader, out of Iraq to Albania.

More than 100 members of the group were planned to board the flight in Bagdad airport and move to Europe through a special route. Top terrorists with an Interpol arrest warrant are among those boarding the flight.

Masud Rajavi, who has been hiding for years is possibly among those boarding the plane. Abbas Mina Chi, personal communication manager for Masud Rajavi, who has always accompanied him, is on the list to leave Iraq with the plane.

Mozhgan Parsaee and Medi Baraee, Head of Iraq relations and Masume Ehtesham are also among those fleeing their camps in Iraq.

Afshin Faraji Nejad, head of Rajavi’s gauards is another prominent name. He was the commander of al-Anfal operation during Saddam era killing hundreds of Kurds.

Masume Rezaee, Head of Rajavi’s Office is another terrorist with an Interpol warrant trying to board under a fake identity.

The flight entered Iraq under the cover of UN Commissioner for Refugees but the US and Saudis seem to be behind it, the report said.



Remember John Kerry did a deal with Albania to take 2000 MKO from Afghanistan, so where is he planning on sending these.

While Europe is in fear of terrorists entering, the US are spreading terrorists around the world, while politicians keep quiet about it.