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Grim reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that during a “shouting match” between President Medvedev and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [photo 2nd left], the leader of the Jewish Nation warned “We’ll bring the whole World down with us if we have to” after his, Netanyahu, being “told with all authority” by Medvedev that Russia would not sanction Israel’s planned nuclear bombing of Iran and would “very likely” retaliate if Netanyahu carries out his threat.

In what Russian Foreign Ministry Officials are saying was an “unprecedented breech on International protocol”, Netanyahu secreted himself to Moscow this week aboard an Israeli registered private jet that reported its destination as being the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, which Israel had previously armed for that Nations brutal assault upon South Ossetia which Russian forces were able to successfully repel during last years war.

However, upon the Israeli plane nearing Russian airspace, these reports continue, an “urgent” request to deviate from its original flight plan and fly to Moscow was received by Russian Military air controllers who were “stunned” when informed by the pilot that Netanyahu was aboard whereupon permission was granted for the flight to land at the Kubinka air base in Moscow Oblast where it was met by FSB forces, Russian and Israeli diplomatic officials.

Medvedev, when informed of Netanyahu’s surprise visit was rushed by his Security personal to Kubinka where according to these reports he was met by an “enraged” Netanyahu, Israeli Military Affairs Secretary General Meir Kalifi and Israeli National Security Advisor Uzi Arad who all then demanded the “immediate return” of “all documents, equipment and Mossad agents” captured by Russian and US commandos who took back control from the Israeli and rogue CIA commandos the hijacked ship Arctic Sea.

[Note: We had previously reported on the Arctic Sea hijacking in our reports: “Russia “Alarmed” After Nuclear Warheads Go Missing In Atlantic” and “Russian And US Forces Retake Missing Nukes From Rogue CIA “Terrorists”]

[Note: Western propaganda media sources are currently reporting the absurd notion that the Arctic Sea “may have” contained Russian missiles bound for Iran, which as anyone who knows this region is aware that all sea traffic between Russia and Iran is done on the waters of the Caspian Sea that both countries have ports on and is never conducted on Atlantic or Mediterranean sea lanes.]

Medvedev, when faced with Netanyahu’s “outburst”, was reported to have responded (Medvedev and Netanyahu both spoke in English which they are both fluent in) that as the facts into the Arctic Sea hijacking was still being investigated Russia was “not prepared” to release any of the “evidence” to anyone.

Netanyahu then issued his threatening words to Medvedev along with a further threat that Russia “should watch its own back” and not to be surprised when “mushroom clouds start appearing over Tehran” whereupon he re-boarded his plane with his military and intelligence entourage for his return flight back to Israel and leaving “everyone shocked” as to what all of the events meant.

Upon Netanyahu’s return to Israel their media reported that he, at first, attempted to deny his secret trip to Russia, but which was subsequently confirmed by a “senior Jerusalem official”.

An FSB addendum to these reports state that Israeli National Security Advisor Uzi Arad, who was the former director of intelligence for Israel’s Mossad and banned from the United States in 2004, was “most assuredly” the “mastermind” behind the hijacking of the Arctic Sea for a planned attack upon the US as Russian Intelligence Officials have long suspected him of being one of the “main perpetrators” of the September 11, 2001 attacks upon America.

Arad is also believed by Russian Military Analysts to be the main instigator for an immediate nuclear attack upon Iran’s atomic facilities as he his Nation’s destruction of the Persian Nation as an “existential imperative” for Israel if it is to survive.

Further threatening Israel was Netanyahu’s defiance of President Obama in ordering an expansion of settlements in occupied Palestinian territory that the US, EU, Russia and China had warned him not to do.

Russian Foreign Ministry Officials state grimly in these reports that unless Israel returns to a more “sane” government headed by the highly respected opposition chairwoman Tzipi Livni the “only outcome” will be “Total Global Warfare” which Netanyahu and his radical right-wing allies (who stole the Israeli election from Livni) are intent upon starting as they see a “great conflict” as being the only means viable for keeping all of the land they say is theirs by “birthright”, but which millions of Palestinians strongly disagree.

And to how radical Netanyahu’s government has become we can see evidenced in his ordering his government to begin running television advertisements warning Israelis not to marry non-Jews, and as we can read:

“The Israeli government has launched a television and Internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews. The advertisements, employing what the Israeli media described as “scare tactics,” are designed to stop assimilation through intermarriage among young Diaspora Jews by encouraging their move to Israel.”

To what the final outcome of these events will be can be gleaned from these reports, but which due to the constraints placed upon us in receiving this information in the first place we can only strongly advise that the next 8-weeks may well be the defining period of time for this entire century.