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The “Aleppo bombings blunder” will leave a lasting stain on the biography of retired US Rear Admiral turned Department of State spokesman John Kirby, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said on Friday.

“Three days later it has become perfectly clear to one and all that the allegedly bombed ‘hospitals’ and ‘mobile clinics’ in Aleppo exist only in the imagination of US Department of State spokesman John Kirby. This news blunder will certainly leave a lasting stain on Admiral Kirby’s biography,” Konashenkov said.

If one takes the trouble of counting the allegedly bombed “hospitals” and “mobile clinics” that were mentioned by US and British officials over the past year, it will seem that there is nothing in Syria apart from ‘hospitals, the spokesman has noted.

“Incidentally, we have repeatedly asked officials in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other countries and also international organisations to provide information about the location of medical aid centres (‘hospitals’) and ‘schools’ in terrorists-held areas of Syria. The answer was invariably the same – nobody has such information. Everything that is known comes in the form of cited statements by the White Helmets or local anonymous ‘journalists’ (activists),” Konashenkov said.

The British hand

Great Britain is sponsoring Syrian “independent” mass media which report allegations about Russia’s bombing hospitals, Igor Konashenkov said commenting on John Kirby’s accusations.

“Notable in this context is the official report of the British government Non-humanitarian Aid in Response to the Syria Conflict for 2012-2015. The document openly says that the White Helmets had received 15 million pounds from the British government. A sum of 5.3 million pounds went to some ‘mass media,’” Konashenkov said.

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He drew attention to the fact that according to the document the Britain-financed projects are geared to create mass media networks across Syria. “Their task is to report in Facebook and Twitter about chemical attacks of the regime in Ghouta and to supply information from local residents and the White Helmets,” he noted.

“In Russia, we have a saying ‘Claw me, and will claw thee.’ And John Kirby seems to be unaware of that,” the ministry spokesman explained.