Disturbing video: ISIS child soldiers behead spies from Russia, Turkey (18+ graphic)



DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:00 A.M.) – Foreign fighters and gruesome decapitation scenes were proudly put on display by the Islamic State in its latest propaganda video, featuring a number of highly graphic scenes from northern Iraq.

Among other initial footage, the video shows four indoctrinated children severing the heads of people accused of spying on the Islamic State. All four children spoke in foreign languages (Turkish and Russian) are were introduced by the nicknames of Umar Al-Faruq At-Turki, Abu Bakr Al-Turkmani, Qatadah Al-Farisi, and Khattab Al-Rusi.

With jihadist music playing in non-Arabic languages throughout the entire ordeal, ISIS once again threatened nations that are actively combatting the Islamic State.

Viewer discretion is advised – not for the faint-hearted: VEIW GRAPHIC VIDEO HERE.

Last month, an alleged Russian spy was also beheaded in a similar video although the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) denied any knowledge of the individual.

Al-Masdar News strongly condemns terrorism in any shape or form, but insists on providing its readership access to unfiltered information, contrary to the mainstream media.

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