Gruesome images: ISIS militants decapitate US-backed troops in eastern Syria


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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (10:00 P.M.) – Spearheaded by a suicide bombing, ISIS militants launched a largely succesful assault on the Kurdish-held village of Suwwayan on Wednesday where they engaged fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

As ISIS swarmed through the village, a handful of SDF fighters tried to escape by foot but were apprehended and captured by jihadist belligerents. The Kurdish prisoners-of-war were then either beheaded or executed at gunpoint in what amounts to blatant war crimes.

Highly graphic pictures detailing the Islamic State’s attack and subsequent executions can be found below. Viewer discretion is advised due to the graphic nature of the imagery:

On June 9, the US-backed SDF began their ‘Al-Jazirah Storm’ offensive and quickly smashed through ISIS’ defensive lines in northern Deir Ezzor, even reaching a rearguard Islamic State stronghold on the Khabur River.

While ISIS has abandoned much of its territory without a single bullet fired, its fighters have persistently launched hit-and-run operations along the M7-highway and rural areas of Hasakah province amid a wider bid to inflict heavy casualties upon the SDF and demoralise the US-led coalition.


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