The Wall Will Fall

DiggerLast Men in Aleppo screenshot. 

3rd February 2018

Excerpt from my article:White Helmets – Channel 4, BBC, The Guardian – Architects of ‘Humanitarian’ War

On the Edge of the Precipice 

review of the Sundance Film Festival described the three ‘Syrian’ entries as “three documentaries on the ravaging of Syria“, naturally there is no reference to the ravaging of Syria by the US/UK nurtured terrorist groups who have infested this sovereign nation, financed, armed,equipped and promoted by 74 UN member states, the Gulf States and Israel. Last Men in Aleppo achieved its primary objective:

Last Men in Aleppo follows the White Helmets during the last months of that bombed-out city’s existence, as they go about their heroic task of scanning the skies for Russian and Syrian bombers, racing in jury-rigged trucks to newly collapsed buildings, and digging through the rubble to pull out the few living and…

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