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They want us to believe this is a ‘war’? No. The US/UK have been using the Saudis/UAE as a front to starve Yemen since March 2015, where there are vast oil reserves. This intervention is targeting a people who are “demanding social justice and democracy” – who are the guardians of a 3,000 year-old heritage.. #SignLetter in the links below..

#UK action: The People Of Yemen Are Not Starving. They Are Being Starved: Sign the letter to UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to demand an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of all UK military support for the ‘Saudi-led’ Coalition:https://oxfamapps.org/yemen/.

#US action: No More US War In Yemen. Call 1-833-StopWar. Add your name to send a message to Congress to support the reintroduction of the War Powers Resolution. https://stopthewar.us/?source=dpa.

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