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Since 28 February 2019, an organised campaign of many German media and behind it has started the flags of Arabic-speaking copy and paste with the aim of distorting my reputation and beating my credibility and flipping extremists against me.

In the details, I have contacted a journalist from the German ARD station and said that the station will report about me and my work with Deputy Marcos Frun in the Bundestag (Federal Legislative Council or federal Parliament).

I didn’t hesitate to reply and went to the station studio, where I interviewed about two hours of the Syrian war and the refugee crisis.

I have known since the first question that they have conducted me a long survey and within their goals, I have been framed by some bomb questions. In my experience since 2011 and my work in the media field and during my years of residence in Germany, I know that this is the method of dealing with issues or parties that do not suit their policies.

I answered without hesitation on all questions, and most of the time I was able to professional, but the interview was only 30 seconds or less, I was told and he was out of his car, and the worst is that they put in my mouth talking to the least:
In The Introduction of the episode that does not exceed a few seconds, there were three lies or a brother, and I am not only with the goal of standing on what has been explained and committed by my words to look as they wanted to be a pushy person who justifies himself what they hate on others :

The first lie: “to has moved to Germany for economic reasons and not because of the war”.

I explained during the interview the conditions of the city of Aleppo in 2015, targeting the terrorists of my family directly, (the incident of my brother’s kidnapping and the bombing of my father’s shops, finally sniping the car that was taking me on one of my press trips to the city of Aleppo in But they didn’t show these details.

If the German state is serious in its endeavours to search the files of the Syrians in Germany and check in the real circumstances that have made them ask for asylum, I believe that the surprise will be shocking with the presence of many of them asked for asylum even though they were not resident in Syria period of events But this is not my talk now.

Second Lie: “to can return to Syria but he doesn’t want”.
I repeat during the interview that I will be the first to return to the country as soon as I can experience, my profession, my education and my German language that will become the fourth language after Arabic, Armenian and English, and I also mentioned that this is very possible in the next few years. In this context, I said a very important thing, the yellow pages visited him: after a period of time may ranging from years, I believe that the Syrians should return and transfer their experiences during their years of stay in Germany to their country Mother Syria. On the personal level, I said I’m learning a lot of process work in the Bundestag and learn every day something new, and this is very important to me.

If I didn’t invite to deport anyone, I talked about the return of voluntary Syrians and not about their deportation. If it is the matter who returns and who does not return, this is a personal decision related to his love, I am not a government party nor an international organisation to pay for an opinion no matter what.

The third lie: “speak to fork in English because his German language is bad”.
In fact, I contacted journalists and all the media cadre in German, and the journalist asked his questions in German too, but I told them that I prefer to answer in English because I can express my political opinion better especially in an interview that will continue For two hours, this is natural by my studies and my work in English since 2005 and it is not fault to be taken on me, how would it be if I spoke in Arabic for example? And what would be a sarcastic attitude if he knew that my signs in the oral part of German language tests in b1, b2 and c1 are the total mark in the first and second and minus three marks in the third?

1-my work with the alternative party for Germany: I am not a member of the party and I do not interfere in the details of its policies, especially the interior of it because it is a German interior. Also, my work in the office of Deputy Marcos Frun is limited to the analysis of the content of social media and its non-political character. But Marcus is a loyal friend and has been supportive of me since day one first, and calls for lifting sanctions on the Syrian people and to stop support for the alleged rebels, and this is very important to me secondly. When the media was asked by the media that a person in favour of the Syrian state and a channel headed to the western public works with you in the office, he told them that this is his personal freedom and he does not interfere with the activities of his employees after work.

2-in their question of my speeches on the occasions of the alternative party, my answer was: why don’t you send me the other political forces invitation to talk? On One occasion, a leftist leftist party sent me the invitation to give them a lecture on Syria, but they cancelled the event after a week of agreement because the any of the middle east files may release them. So most of the other parties refuse to open and hear the other opinion and this is not my fault.

3-the ARD station says that I hate Syrian refugees and described them as “weapons of mass destruction”, this is a big lie. What I said Erdogan took advantage of the war in Syria and encouraged people to resort to turkey first and then to Europe second, and then he used the refugee file to blackmail the European countries and especially Germany, which Erdogan takes advantage of refugees (Islamists of them exclusively) Wei Their function is a weapon of mass destruction, and I believe that his recent statements after the terrorist attack in New Zealand and the anti-terrorist attack of a Turkish person in the Netherlands is the best proof of my words.

As I explained to them that Erdogan says about himself as a new ottoman, and osmaniye means expansion, and expansion is either with direct occupation like what is happening in northern Syria by its forces or proxy factions, or by spreading ideological ideology in the neighbouring countries And in Europe. Along with the exploitation of refugees, Erdogan asks the Turks in Europe to have a lot of children, and the question is here why? Because He wants to increase his influence in Europe. The journalist asked here: if Erdogan today asks his supporters in Germany to go down to the street for him, tens of thousands will be present on the street and will be joined by a lot of Syrians who have recently submitted to Germany. Either if Merkel asks her supporters to go down to the street: how many German will he go down for? Maybe dozens (here laughing journalist supporter my words but why didn’t they show the important parts of the interview? . Finally sealed this part of the hadith wondering: where did you get out of the German Germans who arrived in Syria and Iraq? Have you graduated from bars, language centres or religious centres funded by turkey?

4-“to pain describes himself as a warrior for the industry industry in favour of Assad”: in 2016, he conducted with me a German site named sezession interview and said that the war in Syria has many levels: Military, Economic, media, etc. I said then that what I do through my social media is fighting propaganda that offer only one novel for what is happening in Syria and it is a novel based on lies and misleading to serve political agendas (admitted by western media later) and used expression in language English: ” one should also the propaganda “, it means ” someone has to face propaganda too “, but the translation of the sentence to German was ” someone has to make anti-propaganda too “.

And when the journalist of the ARD asked me about my loyalty to president Bashar al-Assad, I told him that the lion is the best solution for all Syrians, and if anyone would not want to admit it, and I assured him that my page is open to all and they can read a lot One of the publications that criticise the government because of its failure to impose full secularism on state and society institutions through the constitution and laws of personal status.

5-last but not least, the journalist asked me about the solution in my opinion: deportation of refugees, border control, or what? I told them that refugees have already become here and that the solution in my opinion is to impose the process of integration on them, where it is unreasonable to remain in three or five years without a language certificate of the level of b1 or without registration in professional training, without university, without Work, etc. So I proposed to set a timeline for the integration of the individual in society.

These thoughts are the tip of the iceberg for a series of lies and distortions against me over the past weeks.

Is it over here? Of course not, pages and people who threatened and framed and say public opinion against me and posted my photos whether in electronic space or on the street will get them mail from the competent government authorities soon. I will also put the full registration of the interview with the legal authorities concerned when they ask me to.

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