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Civilian airport hit as Israel strikes area around Aleppo – reports (VIDEOS)

FILE PHOTO: Syria’s air defence missile, responding to a missile strike by the Israeli military on January 21, 2019, © Global Look Press / Ammar Safarjalani


Syrian air defence forces have repelled an attack by Israel which rained down missiles on the area to the north-east of Aleppo, SANA said. There have been reports of a blackout in the city and a civilian airport being targeted.

A military source cited by the SANA news agency reported that the attack unfolded around 11pm local time (9pm GMT), forcing Damascus to activate its missile shield to shoot down a number of incoming rockets.

The Israeli missiles reportedly targeted the Sheikh Najjar industrial area to the northeast of Aleppo and the settlement of Jibrin, a local militia source told Sputnik. The source said that the rockets also targeted a civilian airport in the city, which has been under the Syrian government’s control since December 2016.

ALSO ON RT.COMNetanyahu confirms Israeli military shelled Syrian province to prevent ‘Iran entrenchment’According to multiple reports, Aleppo plunged into darkness in the wake of the raid due to a massive power outage.

Israel, having targeted what it claimed were Iranian positions within Syria in the past, has not commented on the goals of the latest alleged strikes.

Reports on social media suggested that one of the targets might have been an ammunition depot near Al-Nayrab military airbase, to the southeast of Aleppo.





Photos purportedly showing a fire raging in that area have surfaced online.



The last time that Israel pelted Syria with missiles was in January, when it said it was attacking “Iranian Quds” forces, and warned Damascus against retaliating. The Syrian government denounced that attack, saying it claimed the lives of four Syrian soldiers and wounded six others in addition to damaging Damascus International Airport.

There have been no reports of casualties or the extent of the damage.