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by Janice Kortkamp

My thoughts this morning regarding the latest blatant act of war by Israel last night against Syria (one of many just during this war)…

1) Syria will not react, they will act. The difference being a feels-good-at-the-time retaliation vs a wise, carefully deliberated upon decision that is best for the long term strategic interests of their country. Syria has won the war against them because of their willingness to fight and endure so I have great hope they will find a solution in this situation too.

2) Israel is doing everything to goad Syria into war.This is what Israel does, how they operate. They create provocations and then, when the victims of those provocations can’t take their endless aggression any more and respond, the zionists jump up and down and scream and throw tantrums like the spoiled rotten two year olds at a candy store they are, pretending to be the victim, to get what they want from their ever-pandering and enabling colony sponsors – the US and UK.

3) Netanyahu is desperate to maintain his semi-dictatorial status as perpetual leader of Israel. He’s been indicted on charges of corruption and fearful of losing re-election so how to swing things in his favour? Start a war against Syria that you know the US will carry the heavy lifting on anyway. Netanyahu currently wears the Prime Minister hat, the the Defence Minister hat, and the Foreign Minister hat – the man has serious problems in delegating authority – and has been in power for basically 20 years already. He loves his ’emperor of the world’ status. What he really is, is a shyster – a lying, mass murdering, thieving thug.

4) Netanyahu knows that Donald Trump and the US Congress will do anything for him at this point. Killing the Iran deal, moving the embassy, keeping US troops in Syria, and personally legitimising Israel’s theft of Syria’s Golan are just some examples. US troops are in Israel and according to a US military spokesman are “willing to die for Israel”. Dying for Israel is NOT in the oaths taken by US military personnel.

5) Russia has been instrumental in Syria surviving the US and allies’ manufactured terrorist proxy war against it. However they’ve also suffered. The US manufactured the Maidan uprising that cost Russia the Ukraine. A few years ago the US almost destroyed the ruble. Russia also has a very powerful Jewish, pro-israel lobby that has significant influence with Putin. Not so much the Russian Ministry of Defence and this seems to have caused some friction between the President and his armed forces in the past. Russia has been made out to be the ‘enemy’ through the brain dead Democrats as well as Republicans – and the Brits – who all jumped on the moronic Russiagate/Russia-phobia nonsense. If Russia escalates their assistance to Syria the consequences could be devastating for them and for Putin’s future personally.

6) China is eager for their Belt and Road initiative, the ‘new silk road’. They’ve been backing Russia and Syria politically and economically but don’t seem willing to take their involvement any deeper. However, their recent support for Russian troops in Venezuela signal they are sick of US aggression and also fed up with meddling by the US in their country.

7) Iran knows it’s next on the neocon/neolib, israel-first gang’s list to get US “freedom and democracy” via massive death and destruction. US ‘leaders’ like John “Guardian of Zion” Bolton are working with the terrorist-communist cult the MEK as well as other terrorist assets linked to Saudi Arabia to stir up rebellion, violence and chaos within Iran. At the same time they are stupidly preparing the Shah’s son to be their Puppet-of-Choice. US sanctions are punishing the people of Iran and trying to get them so miserable they will support an uprising against the government. Same CIA/State Dept/DOD playbook used in Syria and we see being used in Venezuela.

8 ) The Arab League is under complete submission to the US/Israel plans for total domination in the region. All the depraved despots, the absolute dictatorships called kings and emirs care about is holding on to their power and wealth and not having their countries marked for getting “freedom and democracy”.

9) Then there’s Turkey with the region’s largest army, ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood mafioso Erdogan who likes playing all sides against each other. He talks big against Israel but has worked on their behalf in the past and was the greatest supporter of terrorist groups in northern Syria and greatest enabler of foreign terrorists going into Syria.

And I’ve only mentioned the most obvious factors. Syria is facing a very serious threat and the stakes couldn’t be much greater. Israel has not only 70-300 illegal nuclear warheads but illegal chemical and biological weapons programs as well.

Short of an action like almost all countries in the UN General Assembly calling for a world-wide boycott of Israeli products and services until they cease and desist their aggression against Syria, I’m not sure what can stave off an escalated global conflict in the Middle East. But there is so much action going on behind the scenes – things we don’t know and won’t know probably for many years to come of those negotiations – that it’s hard to predict what will happen next.

All I can say is, we will see..