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US government approves export of nuclear techniques to Saudi Arabia

Ghost Summon for the big deal in May 2017: Al-Sisi, King Salman and Trump. Image : TV screenshot, Twitter

It’s about a big deal that Trump has long been looking for. The question is whether the Saudi regime wants to install a nuclear weapons program

Federal government and French government are arguing over rules on arms shipments, especially to Saudi Arabia. Weapon systems can not currently be exported there, containing only a few German parts. It is threatened with the fact that other European countries, which also like to suppress their own rules when it comes to business, only produce and distribute weapons systems “German free”, which endangers the German defence industry and Germany’s status as currently the fourth largest arms exporter. France wants free rein from Germany). France has already overtaken Germany. Above all, the SPD adheres to the restrictions, but seems to be considering business and armament industry realistic, to allow exceptions, while German companies will probably relocate the production abroad.

Of the Western values ​​that are so well defended, even with the big transatlantic brother, nothing is noticeable. With its strictly pro-Israeli and anti-Iranian policies, the Trump government unconditionally supports the murderous and belligerent regime of Islamist monarchs in Saudi Arabia, while elsewhere, as in Iran or Venezuela, it is supposedly just defending freedom ,

Although Riyadh is cross-border with Washington in terms of American recognition of the annexed Golan Heights – Trump’s election gift to Netanyahu and a move to undermine the sanctions against Russia over the Kriem – this is unlikely to be geopolitical, military and economic ties affect. Not only Trump, but also the Saudi monarchs, who do not tolerate opposition and hold nothing of democracy and human rights, are finally dealmakers beyond all ideological differences.

It is not just about American weapons, the Saudi Arabia inter alia, such as fighter jets or missiles against the Huthi in Yemen uses, but it is working on the next big deal. Saudi Arabia, allegedly to be prepared for the post-oil era, wants to build nuclear power plants and nuclear technology on a large scale and look for uranium deposits in the country. In 2011, it was decided to build 16 nuclear power plants in the next 20 years, starting in 2016. Talks were conducted with Toshiba / Westinghouse and EDF, later with Russia, South Korea, China and Japan. But construction has not started yet.

Apparently the Trump government now wants to seize the opportunity to sell American technology in Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, it was announced and acknowledged that Energy Secretary Rick Perry has issued six Part 810s secret corporate licenses to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology and consulting after the conclusion of a contract. With the permits, arrangements can already be made for the deal, but no parts can be exported yet.

The Department of Energy confirms the report, but says that there are 37 810 permits for non-classified nuclear techniques for 16 countries, including seven for exports to Saudi Arabia. It is emphasized that the techniques introduced from the USA may only be used for peaceful purposes. The problem , however, is that it does not disclose what the techniques are and suspects that contracts are closed before talking about enrichment and reprocessing.

Saudi Arabia now wants to start smaller and build two nuclear power plants, but it is suspected that Saudi Arabia for its own security and also with regard to Iran and especially Israel, which has nuclear weapons, also at least laid the foundation for want to create a possible nuclear weapons program. In February, Democrats who wanted to restrict arms sales to Saudi Arabia had been warned that the US government would seek a nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia, bypassing laws and Congress.

Interesting detail: Trump’s former security advisor, Michael Flynn , is said to be linked to IP3, International , who wants to foster dealings between the US nuclear industry and Saudi Arabia . The congressional report, on which MEPs relied, referred to IP3, which had already drafted a Middle East Marshall Plan at the start of Trump’s White House presidency, involving the construction of dozens of nuclear power plants in the region envisaged. Flynn is said to have had his hands in the game.

Allegedly , it was envisaged not only to circumvent legal requirements, but also to allow IP3 to build nuclear power plants, without having to limit themselves to civilian purposes. Also in the boat with IP3 and the Saudi nuclear program sat former General Jack Keane, ex-admiral Michael Hewitt and former security adviser Robert “Bud” McFarlane. Keane is co-founder of the company, and Trump had considered nominating him as a defense miniser.

They spoke in a letter of collusion between Trump and Mohammed bin Salman. Then one can guess what networks exist between the US military, political circles and economic interests. It is quite possible that Trump’s alliance with Saudi Arabia in May 2017 promised not only the arms deal but also the nuclear deal ( summit in Saudi Arabia: Trump in the “World of Good” ).

In February 2019, chiefs of American nuclear companies were with Donald Trump Florian Rötzer )