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“Interpol Should Do Its Job and Bring In Browder To Justice in Russia and Stop Running After the Innocent Like Assange”

Why is it when Russia is refused or given an exceedingly rough time when requesting that Interpol put a criminal named William Browder, who has been convicted in a Russian court on the wanted list who has taken advantage of people by cheating them out of money, who has used his position to slander Russia and Mr. Putin, who has cheated the Russian people by refusing to pay his fair share of taxes (sounds like Trump’s sort of guy) who seeks the aid of his criminal oligarch friends who are still free in Russia (though not for long if Mr. Putin has it his way), is quite possibly involved in the murder of a Russian businessman in London named Alexander Perepilichny, or has escaped into the loving arms of their cohorts in crime in the West – including the criminals in Westminster and Washington DC – rather than face justice in Russia is totally bewildering to me.

Yet the West under the leadership of the UK and US are trying to arrest and get their hands on Julian Assange, an innocent man who has been framed by the US and UK governments for telling the truth and exposing the crimes of the Western so-called democracies to the world, and is on the Interpol wanted list and is being hounded for his bravery. It must mean that Interpol is under the direction of the greatest criminal syndicate of oligarchs in the world – the UK and US political elites and their EU buddies. What does one do when the police and law enforcement are also in tight with the criminals, and are the enemies of truth and justice? It just makes no sense unless you accept the facts that the Western nations are decadent, demented by their own sin, and lacking in all morals, ethics, and human decadency. God help us all. Only Russia and China can save this world as they have become the swords of God Almighty.