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As Julian Assange was dragged from the Ecuador Embassy today, he was clutching this book with both hands, making sure it was facing the cameras.

This was his message to the world to read this book and learn the truth. Wait now for more emails to be circulated as promised if Assange was ever arrested.

Julian Assange is the spokesperson for everyone on this planet that stands against Crimes against Humanity that governments are committing.

The US commits war crimes and then hides all the evidence under the “Top Secret” code, so they can arrest anyone that reads it. A crime is a crime and the real perpetrators of War Crimes need to be arrested not the truth tellers.

This arrest is making Julian Assange a scapegoat to try and prevent anyone else speaking the truth.

Theresa May will go down in history along with Recep Tayyip Erdogan of locking up journalists that speak the truth.

Theresa May is not only hated in Britain now, but worldwide.