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Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi tells the Lebanese al-Manar news station that “today Israel made a serious mistake by attacking Syria. The attack shows that it’s cooperating with terrorist organisations and Jabhat al-Nusra.”

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About the recent Israeli attack on #Syria
1-the strike was expected by the SAA
2-this particular strike shows that Israel now is targeting the SAA directly
3-the Russian/Iranian interest conflict in Syria effected directly the outcomes of yesterday’s strike
How did the air strike happened?
2 Israeli F-16s we’re flying over south Lebanon with a normal speed and a high altitude (to mock up a recon. Mission) When reaching east of Beirut the two jets split their formation and took different routes, with low altitude with afterburners
The 2 jets launched their SDBs at the same time, and retreated to the sea side with a low altitude and a high speed
What did Israel hit?
Apparently this time they didn’t target any Iranian or Iranian proxies Two targets :
One north of Masyaf; warehouses used by both SAA and Palestine Liberation Army
And one west of Homs; warehouses contains spare parts/fabrication facility for the military.
Last but not least
don’t expect any major successful interception rate by the SAA AD forces, simply because the current situation is a depleting war & due to the lack of spare parts from Russia P.S don’t talk about the S-300 it’s worthless under the Ru command against Israel

via Syrian Military Capabilities‏ @Syrian_MC