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And still too many Americans don’t understand. They want to hold onto the myths they’ve been brainwashed into believing. That America is a power for good in the world. That we’re the world’s police. That we must “support our troops”.

Support our troops? While our out of control military/intelligence/industrial complex sends them to never-ending, always-failing wars sold us and them with pure lies that are purely for profits and to act as mercenary forces for foreign governments?

Support our troops? While they are brainwashed into stealing, killing and destroying in countries that were NEVER a threat to us or our ever-dwindling “freedoms” for a handful of wealthy and powerful people wanting to get wealthier and more powerful?

Support our troops? While drug and alcohol addiction and abuse rage within their ranks?

Support our troops? While they suffer from PTSD from the sights they’ve seen and actions against humanity they are ordered to perform?

Support our troops? As suicide continues to be the leading cause of death in both the actively serving and vets?

Support our troops? While the “sacred” US Department of War, not Defense, chews them up and spits them out like bones? Even their bodies are sometimes discarded in garbage dumps. Yes it’s true…that’s what the War Department thinks of our sons and daughters.

Support our troops? While rape, bullying, and murder are commonplace amongst them?

Support our troops? With half our taxes used to destroy entire countries and mass murder as our own people struggle to just make a living and much of our infrastructure is failing?

There is only ONE way to actually support our troops – by getting them the he** out of the bloody greedy hands of our War Department.

Janice Kortkamp