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I wonder how many Americans even know of Israel’s massacre of the innocents in Qana?

This was written by my friend Hadi Nasrallah, an independent journalist in Lebanon whom I’m so proud to know. Please read:

I was 2 years old when children of my age suffocated under the rubble just 2 villages away.
I remember growing up hearing about Qana but not comprehending what had happened there.

As I grew up during the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon I only had one fear. That our fate will one day be similar to that of the victims of Qana.

Days after the Israeli occupation forces lunched a full-scale military aggression against Lebanon in an operation the enemy calls “Grapes of Wrath”, the first Qana massacre took place.

Other horrifying massacres were already taking place in other areas in South Lebanon.

Mansouri Ambulance massacre:

On April 18, 1996 in Qana, a village in Southern Lebanon, the Israeli occupation forces fired artillery shells at a UN refugee compound.
Of 800 Lebanese civilians who had taken refuge in the compound, 106 were killed mainly children and women and around 116 injured. Four United Nations soldiers were also seriously injured.

Heartbreaking scenes from the massacre:

The Qana massacre was one of the most horrific crimes humanity had ever witnessed.

The fact that the Israeli regime was not held accountable after butchering dozens of defenceless babies inside a UN compound with “international protection” tells us that justice was assassinated along with the innocent infants in Qana.

The Israeli horrors in Qana didn’t end here.

The second Qana massacre occurred in 2006 during the Israeli aggression against Lebanon. 28 civilians were killed, of whom 16 were children.
The attack was described as the most horrendous Israeli crimes of the July war.

Naftalie Bennet, the person responsible for this atrocity, today holds the education ministry seat in Israel.

‪Many Christians believe that Qana is the biblical Cana Al Jalil where Jesus Christ made his wine and water miracle.‬

“‪In Qana Water was turned into wine and blood was turned into victory.‬”

‪We will never forget the horrors of the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon.‬

‪Qana is just one of the 64 massacres committed by the zionist regime against our people‬

Never forget.


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