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ISIS wives Photo: Reuters

The killing of 110 Kosovar citizens from the battlefields in Syria, among which 32 women and 74 children are still the topic of public opinion in Kosovo.

The media have reported that there are four people in the group who have participated directly in the Syrian battlefields and that the Prokoruria Speciale has pronounced a preposition in 48 hours. Also, an investigation has been initiated against 32 women currently in liberty, and Sylë Hoxha from the Kosovo Special Prosecution has confirmed that they were still under investigation, which was suspended in the meantime because the suspects were unavailable.

Rashit Qelaj, Kosovo Police Director General stated that over 300 Kosovo citizens were involved in the wars in Syria and Iraq in the six-seven years of fun and that 70 of them had lost their lives.

According to some assumptions, there are still at least 100 Kosovo citizens in the war zones in Syria and Iraq, among whom, according to Kosovo Police data, there are still 30 individuals fighting in these countries, 49 women and eight children .

The Kosovo Assembly in 2015 adopted a law that individuals who have participated in wars outside Kosovo can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison.

Arsenals from Middle East battlegrounds, shortly after arriving at Pristina airport, in late hours between Friday and Saturday, were transferred to the Asylum Centre in Vranidoll village, not far from the capital of Kosovo, where they immediately underwent control medical.

Special Prosecutor Hoxha today stated on Gazeta Express that it was initially decided that nine children arriving in Pristina without parents would be accommodated in the social centres for admission of children, but later their relatives were invited to take them.

The return of 110 Kosovar nationals from Syria was realised in close cooperation with the United States of America (US), and the US Embassy in Pristina congratulated Kosovo institutions on the return of its citizens. 

“Through this repatriation, Kosovo has shown an example to be followed for the entire international community and members of the global coalition for defeating the militant group of the Islamic State, ” the embassy said.

Justice Minister Abelar Tahiri has promised that returnees from Syria’s field raids, who have experienced trauma, will be offered treatment and will be integrated into Kosovo society.

“We have managed to get women and children out of the conflict areas that have been exploited and denied the future. Women and children deserve rehabilitation, and children have their place in schools. They have experienced traumatic severe trauma, “Tahiri said.

Otherwise, Kosovo’s President, Hashim Thaci, in his Facebook profile has emphasised that for returnees is very important professional treatment.

“Also, every support from relatives and their communities, returnees, helps to reintegrate as soon as possible in our society. Kosovo is oriented towards Western values ​​and is committed to supporting international partners in fighting any terrorism and extremism that violates these values, “ Thaci wrote.

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj today thanked Kosovar institutions and the US Government for returning Kosovar citizens from the battlefields in Syria, a few days ago that he was preoccupied with the issue of women who did not have children of their bachelors.

 “Sometimes we do not know with whom these women have their children. They may be children of ISIS commanders. Radical NGOs and local imams have been systematically propagandising for more than a decade, making the idea of ​​going to Syria attractive by providing income to uneducated children, “ Haradinaj told Daily Beast.

Kosovar diplomacy chief Behgjet Pacolli on his Twitter account thanked the US for helping return of Kosovo’s citizens from Syria and stressed that the law will be “enforced” against them.

Salvad Balaj, a security expert, considers that the reintegration process of returnees from Syria should be implemented with caution and that each institution should carry its responsibilities with high priority.

 “Challenges and potential risks from this process can arise because it is difficult to measure the level of radicalisation in all returnees, whether they are warriors or not; there is still no known danger rate of all returnees, health status or reasons they have to return to Kosovo, “ Balaj declared for the daily” Zeri “.

He stressed that the risk from these individuals is legitimate for what the Kosovo institutions should initiate investigations and, if necessary, to raise indictments.

 “At this stage it is very important to activate all programs for deregulation / reintegration, such as those in prisons for returnees who face justice, the same for returned children and women. There should be continuous dedicated actions for all returnees both at local and national level “, added Balaj, who stated that regional and international cooperation should be in all this process.

Shefki Abdullah, also a well-known security affairs think that these individuals should be treated in harmony with Kosovo’s laws, be investigated, received information from them, and that those who have been forced to go to these missions are faced with justice. 

Abdullah even considers that the Kosovo Police should be ready “in relation to individuals who propagate and motivate young people to go to outer wars.”

According to official data, from the beginning of the conflict in Syria, it is believed that about 400 Kosovo citizens are involved in conflicts in the Middle East. Several dozen are back in the meantime, and 50 have been condemned for participating in the war conflicts in this part of the world, or for inciting and recruiting warriors.

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