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Two extremist NHS (National Health Service) workers out of the ten-strong medical group were found to have conducted abhorrent medical experiments on Daesh prisoners in Syria, witnesses said last night in comments to The Daily Mail.

The torture squad, which was reportedly comprised of 10 people overall, was hired by a British doctor and his assistant, a pharmacist, to carry out atrocious medical tests on captives of terrorists, despite claims by the two that they were out on a purely “humanitarian mission”.

40-year-old former British Doctor Issam Abuanza is one from the pair, who assumed the position of the Daesh “health minister”, according to UK intelligence, having left his wife and two children in Sheffield in 2014 in order to join Daesh’s ranks.  Abuanza is reported to have appointed Birmingham-born pharmacist Mohammad Anwar Mia, also aged 40, to assist him on Syrian soil, most specifically to remove organs from captives, according to Sputnik.

Having witnessed their purported brutality, the activist group “Sound and Picture” told the British edition that the organs were then transplanted into wounded terrorists, or alternatively sold on the black market to further fund the terrorists. Separately, it is said that the organs harvested from the tortured prisoners would also be inserted into other captives as a means of torture.

Both British medics, who shared one nickname, Abu Obayda, performed their twisted procedures in hospitals in the former Daesh strongholds of Mayadin and Deir ez-Zor between 2015 and 2017.

The so-called “Islamic State” (Daesh, ISIS) needed to show that it was a government not a radical group and so it appointed a minister for everything”, Aghiad al-Kheder, the activist group’s co-founder, shared, speaking on the build-up of the medical infrastructure.

The team led by Abuanza, who is known to have previously complained about the working conditions of doctors in Britain and authored a spine-chilling social media post wishing it had taken a caged Jordanian pilot burnt alive by Daesh longer to die, and Miah have also been accused of performing warped chemical tests on live inmates detained in the course of Daesh operations from 2014 to 2017.



Editor’s Note

If you find this story confusing, remember that terrorist groups to hostages of innocent Syrians and Syrian soldiers. Terrorists from overseas that were fighting in for ISIS, turn their stories around, when they want to return home. Telling lies and blaming their crimes on the government, because they know that is what their own country wants to hear.

Any terrorist that blames the Syrian government for their crimes is proof that they are still working as terrorists and are a danger to everyone.

Stolen organs all get sent to Israel, no matter which war they are from.