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By:Maxim Grigoriev (with added summary by Janice Kortkamp)

Date: April 29, 2019

Presented at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC

Maxim Grigoriev is the Director of The Foundation for the Study of Democracy. He and his team made an extensive investigation into the White Helmets: interviewing members of the group; former fighters from illegal armed groups and terrorist groups; and people living in the areas controlled by terrorist and armed groups where the White Helmets operated. Each interview was videotaped and will be made accessible to the public. In addition, a sociological survey was conducted with the help of volunteers in Aleppo and Dera’a with more than 500 residents interviewed in those cities.

The presentation at the Russian Embassy began with a talk by Mr. Grigoriev describing the methodology of the investigation and sharing many of the testimonies he and his team had obtained. The team produced a book from the investigation titled, “The White Helmets: Terrorist Accomplices and a Source of Disinformation” which was given to every attendee. Although US State Department officials were invited to the event, none accepted. The presentation concluded with an extended question and answer period.

The video of his presentation is here:

Organ trafficking and other crimes by the White Helmets were discussed. He also described how the White Helmets are preparing another faked “chemical weapons attack” to frame the Syrian government in order to justify further illegal attacks by the United States, the UK, and France in “retaliation” for the carefully prepared false flag operation against the Syrian government.

The threat by the UK/US (and other western governments) backed “White Helmets” terrorist propaganda team of another faked chemical weapons attack allegation, coupled with the threatened retaliatory strike, are attempts to protect the terrorist groups who control Idlib. Those groups – who all share the same basic intolerant and violent ideology of al Qaeda – have turned the area into an Islamist caliphate and imposed harsh, strict sharia law as well as almost entirely emptying the province of its religious minorities. It is anticipated that should the White Helmets succeed in creating this next false flag the resulting strikes by NATO partner countries could be more severe than the previous two.

Mr. Grigoriev’s powerpoint presentation slides are here as a YouTube video with no audio: https://youtu.be/J-BWXNnbP20

The excellent posters that were set up around the room with testimonies by members of the White Helmets, people they used to create faked chemical weapons attacks, and victims of the group’s violence are here in hi-res: