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The Global Surveillance Blues – Does the USA Have a “god given” Right to Steal the Ideas of Others ?

As I said, yesterday, the United States appears very intent on becoming the pot that calls all the kettles black. Worse yet the continuing and persistent United States irrational paranoia that it habitually mis-informs itself with, that demands of it that it look upon any nation that is left of centre as being more suspect, and even more guilty, than any others, inclusive of itself.

Do we really have to open the can of worms that is typified by the fact that physicists, in the Soviet Union, had to resort to using slide rules, rather than electronic calculators, because it was known to the USSR that electronic calculators could be subjected to intensive surveillance, to discern the equations and results being calculated ? It is a fact, not a myth.

We cannot accept the pot calling the kettles black, any longer. The USA has been and remains entirely guilty of conducting the full range of espionage, surveillance, activities for effecting foreign technology transfer to itself. Its companies also borrow ideas, in great detail, from the inventions of others, for their own gains, and adapted to their own use, without honest compensation and agreement being effected. Some American companies being built entirely on that type of criminal activity.

The American pot must stop calling the kettles black. In some ways it has taught them all how to behave, and if they follow the American lead, we end up with a world where everyone is stealing from everyone else, everywhere, and in everything that they do. For the USA to blame China, and particularly Huawei, in an exceptional way opens the entire issue of American intelligence gathering, on a global basis. Particularly on the issue of technologies transfer. Something that the history of the USA provided ample impetus to, always on the basis of claims of ideological, often stated as “god given” American superiority.

A claim that was used to justify the depths and extent of global surveillance activities, and also the extent of technology transfer both in times of overt conflict and in times of competition. Does “god” really give a nation the right to compete unfairly because it claims that it is special, privileged, and the defender of truth and right globally ? A very dangerous position to take, and even more so when that nation claims that it is the defender of human freedoms and rights.

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