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By Janice Kortkamp

This dear lady is a Christian nun living in Old Damascus. I met her on one trip when a “rebel” terrorist mortar had struck the little school where she lives and I went over to investigate the attack – thankfully no one was injured that day. She works at a local centre for displaced persons. When I stopped in to visit her last trip in November of 2018, I asked her if she would like to send a message to the world – whatever she wished, and here are her words:

Good morning everyone

Good morning to everyone created in the image of God

Good morning to everyone that God loves

I am a Syria nun

I live in Damascus

I lived throughout the war

I lived the atrocities of war

I work with refugees

I work with the poor

I work with handicapped children

I see how children suffered from war

I see how the children paid a huge price

War is the biggest suffering of the Syrian family

War means lack of love

When there is no love there is war

When there is no love weapons are sent

When there is no love there is sectarian identity, christian vs muslim

But that is not it

The population was chosen by God to live together serenely

Believe me

Syria is a very beautiful country

A country of openness and love

A country that only wishes the best for the rest of the world

and I wish also to everyone that hears me internal (or eternal) peace

God created us to look at each other as brothers (and sisters) to express love and wish the best for each other and wish the best for Syria.

Many thanks to the new translation team for the translation!