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by Janice Kortkamp

Who the US, UK, Israel, France, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc are protecting in Idlib, Syria…these are the ones primarily controlling what western mainstream media calls “the last bastion of freedom” in Syria.

The aim of the video is to frame their ‘struggle’ as against Russia and Shiites (in other words Iran) to gain more support from the US and allies. Their enemies include Sunnis who support secular society as well.

This is who the Syrian government and army; the Russians; the Iranians; and Hezbollah are fighting. According to the US, the forces fighting against al Qaeda are the bad guys. Just think about that for a moment.

These are the guys who stage false flag “chemical weapons attacks” – which the US knows full well are done by them to frame the Syrian government – in order to justify US attacks against Syria. These are the guys the “White Helmets” work for.

The US protected terrorists say (through suicide bombings for example), “We are fighting to the death the Alawites and Christians.” The US has attacked and sanctioned Syria as well as Iran and Russia for daring to combat such terrorists.

The first part is by the HTS News Agency called “Ibaa” – Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is the latest name for al Qaeda in Syria – the last one speaking in the video is Abdullah al-Muheisni, one of prominent leaders of the terrorist group.

The terrorist propaganda video is recent as we know from the reference to the suicide bombing against Syrian government forces at Kafr Nbudah.

The translation team working on these for me describes it this way:

It shows that these are indeed al Qaeda fighters that are fighting the Syrian army in the latest battle in Idlib around kafr Nbuda. Here is the translation: Nikabed Woman speaking: we will sacrifice everything, including our blood and our lives for the mujahedin (‘holy’ warriors)

Terrorist speaking while seemingly showing Russian looking soldier: “we will do to you a lot worse than what we did to you in Afghanistan and Chechnya, we will never surrender, we will fight to the death..” there is also some religious rhetoric, which doesn’t add value to the message in English.

The sitting preacher seem to be promising paradise for the fighters (I guess someone screamed “cut” before the 72 virgins quote.

The last photo shows a suicide bomber that attacked what they call the Alawi or Christian army at Kafr Nbudah (so this must be a very recent video).

This is undoubtedly “al Qaeda propaganda” intended as much for their jihadists audience as to their western and sunni extremists paymasters. Their message to their western paymasters is :”we are fighting the Russians, we are specialists in fighting the Russians to the death, as we have proved that in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Bosnia”. Their message to their sunni extremists paymasters is: “we are fighting to the death the alawites and christians”….


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