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by Arabi Souri

When it was near impossible for a new US / UK invasion of another country in the Arab world over false claims like WMDs they used in Iraq, they resorted to the R2P – Responsibility to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflicts, a Noble idea that hides behind it an evil agenda.

In Libya, Russia and China didn’t veto or object a UN military operation against the country to impose R2P on false allegations, which later turned into an all out NATO invasion of the country turning it from the Jewel of Africa into the total disaster fail state it is now.

Then came NATO’s prize in Syria, a hard to crack nut in the infamous 7 countries to invade in 5 years NATO plan. and only an asymmetrical warfare can help in there. Under orchestrated and systematic heavy propaganda by all NATO and stooges media outlets, with enormous political pressure, a salvation army was needed and they created the so-called Free Syrian Army, with its skeleton from imported recycled Jihadists from Saudi prisons, Afghanistan, newly converted Libya, and the wilful Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi useful idiots.

Propagandised as a Moderate Rebels opposition forces, as if such thing is legal or acceptable in any country not targeted by NATO, the FSA was basically an umbrella for hundreds of terrorist groups that mainly ran under Islamic titles and banners to lure in the most ignorant of the population, and it worked to some extent.

Thousands of Syrian initially joined, the plot in work for years post the 2006 failed Israeli war against Hezbollah which ended in a humiliating defeat for the Israelis and their US backers, some of the Syrian security officials were corrupt and altered reports submitted to the decision makers in Syria about the numbers of convicted criminals on the run reducing it to a few thousands from the 64,000 strong figure. Many of those corrupt security officials fled Syria and became leaders of the opposition from abroad preaching war against corruption and oppression!

A considerable number of those criminals at large joined, at first, the FSA, many even being criminals but not traitors left the FSA terrorist groups and worked with the law enforcement agencies later.

What would you do if groups of terrorists in their tens of thousands sponsored by other states take a city in your country and use its residents as human shields, and attack other cities from it? ~Syrian ambassador to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafri asked the sponsors of terrorists at the UNSC.

Image source: New Syria FB page.