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by Youcef Acheuk

An invasion of locusts ravages Israel, which accuses Syria

An unusual number of insects has completely ravaged vegetable crops in Moshav Alonei Habashan on the Golan Heights. 

On the top of Mount Hermon of Israel located on the Golan Heights, ” a force of intrusion of another type crossed the border “: grasshoppers. 

Despite the lack of agreement for free air traffic between the two countries, which are still officially at war, rebel insects from “Syria” crossed the border into Israel in recent days and invaded the moshav Alonei Habashan , near the border on the plateau and “they seemed to come directly from Syria” according to observers present on the scene.

On Tuesday, Buki Nagari from the Hebrew University told public broadcaster Kan that he did not remember the arrival of so many locusts. 

An inhabitant of Alonei Habashan village, east of the Golan Heights, saw the leaves of the vegetables he was growing decimated by grasshoppers. “They enter your house, your car, your hair,” he adds, they ravage absolutely everything, there is nothing left. 

Yaron Dekel, a researcher at the Shamir Research Institute of Haifa University, who deals with the ecology of wildlife, and Safed University, said it was useless to try to eradicate them with chemicals.

If you kill 200 in one day, another 2,000 will come in the night

, he said. 

Newcomers will quickly move away, but not until the females have laid hundreds of thousands of eggs on Alonei Habashan’s soil.

There have been precedents for grasshopper invasions from Egypt and Jordan

, he concludes