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Sadly, too many Americans refuse to consider the horrific consequences of our wars in relation to the victims of all our death and destruction … oops … mean ‘freedom and democracy’.

But some at least are waking up by looking at the consequences to our service men and women. It’s a start anyway.

So this is a good one to save and use for the brainwashed ones – as it’s written by US Colonel Larry Wilkerson, a special forces veteran (Army Rangers) and General Powell’s Chief of Staff when Powell was Secretary of State:

Excerpt: Second, these GIs have killed or helped to kill more than 400,000 human beings in these wars. Killing at that level affects people. It particularly affects people when they are unable to explain the reason for the killing or, worse, when they know the reasons and don’t care for them.

The US government has told these young men and women that they are killing these people for freedom’s sake, for democracy, for women’s rights, for justice, to protect Americans, and for all manner of reasons that these troops know are just so much hogwash.

Janice Kortkamp