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Above is the image that the US have published as proof that Iran had attacked the tanker.

Now take a closer look at the image. You can do it yourself if you have photoshop. Zoom in to the area where the said damage is. You will notice that the damage and the arrow are pixilated and the rest of the ship shows no pixilation. This is a clear sign that the photo has been photoshopped.

You will notice that the dark area of the damage is pixilated, but the dark area on the line at sea level is not.


On the second piece of so called damage it is even more clear. You will see that the black triangle is pixilated and the rest of the ship is not. The black triangle is so perfect in shape, just like the used one of the arrow tools to place it on the image.

It is a bit difficult to see in these photos, but if you try it yourself you will see that the pixilation on the black triangle is exactly the same as that of the red arrow, which means they were probably added at the same time.

Another image of the tanker on fire, looks nothing like the images above.

Not only is the image FAKE but a bad fake at that.

As for the video, that could have come from the Second World War.

The old black and white film the US are showing as proof, is not showing anyone removing anything, as the film is played in reverse. Also note that the railings around the ship are totally different in each image.

It just goes to prove that when the US has to make up FAKE information for proof to blame on another country, it only proves that the US is behind the attack.