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Devastated to learn about the 7 Syrian soldiers brutally killed by Turkish/Qatari-backed Jihadists in Lattakia.

One of the border guards killed, Ibrahim Barri, was savagely beheaded before the terrorist “moderates” hacked his Facebook and Instagram accounts and posted pictures of his decapitated body while the extremists stepped on his separated head.

The first comments from Ibrahim’s friends on the horrific pictures are heartbreaking.
They were shocked by the images thinking it was a joke made by their friend.
Soon enough they’ve realised the worst.

When the terrorists killed the soldier they phoned his mother and started mocking his death while sending her pictures on whatsapp of her beheaded son.
He was 23 years old and volunteered to serve in the army to make his mother proud.

No morality whatsoever.

How many massacres must be made,
How many atrocities must be witnessed,
How many innocents must be butchered,
How many children must be terrorised,
How many men must slaughtered,
How many women must be raped,
Before the western, gulf and NATO regimes acknowledge the wickedness and vileness of their proxies and mercenaries in Syria.

This is not a revolution. It was never a revolution.

The truth in Syria is the Syrian army and only the Syrian army.


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