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The US and Israel are desperate to make sure that Jeremy Corbyn does not become British Prime Minister, for one reason and that reason is that he speaks out for the people of Palestine.

Any other British politicians that also speak out in this way are not working for the British people, but working for Israel

Israel and the US have changed the meaning of ‘anti semitic’ to mean anyone who speaks out against Israel’s crimes against humanity.

With the US crying fowl, that the Russia interfered with the US elections, which saw Trump win. Now we see Pompeo is actually threatening to interfere in British elections to stop Jeremy Corbyn winning an election.

The above video shows how Israel is going all out, spreading anti semitic lies about the labour party. Israel is targeting and killing children on a daily basis, yet they call anybody that sees this as bad as anti semitic. If this is the case, then they are making being anti semitic a good thing. The holocaust in Germany pales in comparison to the one that is happening in Palestine. Sticking labels on people that do not agree with the killing of children, will not wash.

Israel interfering in British politics, to get support with their horrific crimes against humanity, supporting ISIS, the bombing of Syria and wanting war in Iran, must end.

The above video is Part 3 of the 4 part series and the links to the other parts are below. Watch and share, because this must stop. They say we should learn from what happened in the Second World War, so it does not happen again. Israel took the horrors and increased them ten fold.