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BREAKING: Israeli forces have shot 10 year old, Abdul-Rahman Shtiewi, in the head. He is from and was shot in Kafr Qaddoum, during the Friday demonstrations against the illegal settlement blocking the road which connects the village to Nablus.

Abdul-Rahman was reportedly shot after leaving his home and according to Quds News was not participating in the demonstration. He is in critical condition and is currently in Rafidya hospital in Nablus.

I was in Kafr Qaddoum in 2017 and briefly met Abdul-Rahman. The soldiers then, as they did today, fired live ammunition as well as rubber bullets completely randomly and directly at demonstrators.

I myself was shot at my one of these soldiers, the bullet missing my shoulder by inches. They routinely occupy homes and use them as a means of sniping out protestors. Many friends of mine have been injured lightly and severely at these protests. The soldiers are cowardly and insane.

This has to stop, how many more children like Abdul-Rahman have to die or sustain similar injuries???

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