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The Federal Agency for Civic Education in the service of unilateral propaganda

An article by: Albrecht Müller

Yesterday, on July 28th, the illustrated article on the war in Syria appeared in my Sunday paper “Rheinpfalz am Sonntag”. This is a veritable propaganda piece, loaded with verbal juries of the conventional kind on the Syrian president, with friendly reference to the white helmets and especially the method of manipulation, the story shortened to tell, in the specific case omit everything that the US, the Gulf States, France and Britain and in the background also Germany in the Syrian war have hired and how they have fuelled from the outset the clashes with armed force. – I was surprised and researched after the works of the author Franziska Grillmeier. First, I discovered that they have almost the same text once before on 4 July sold to “floodlights”. Second, it should be noted that Fluter is the youth magazine of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Albrecht Müller .

This is how we propaganda. In this specific case: a publicly funded medium, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, publishes the article and presumably pays for it. A private medium takes over the article in a slightly modified and extended way. Question: Does the “Rheinpfalz am Sonntag” pay a compensation fee to the Federal Agency for Civic Education or is that free?

It must be assumed that a minimal percentage of the readers of “Fluter” and my Sunday paper find out about which manipulative texts and reports they have used many times. The majority will read the texts, believe and be shaken. The majority will include the main message of this article about what is happening in Idlib: Syria and Russia are the bad guys, the West is good.

Perhaps some readers will notice that the report shows the typical manipulative elements:

  • individuals are used as witnesses to general statements;
  • the word “should” is used as usual in such texts to initiate an unasserted statement;
  • Organisations that are obviously in the service of propaganda are cited as a reliable source – as are organisations with US involvement, specifically for the aid organisation Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS);
  • Toxic gas attacks and poisoning are assumed to be credible;
  • the statements of UN sub-organisations are given as the opinion of the UN;
  • Children are portrayed in photos as particularly suffering victims; Pictures like the picture with the injured child shown here are emotionally moving. Perhaps, however, they may seem as legitimate as they are to some reasonably critical readers.

At any rate, propaganda and money are being made here with the suffering of people in Syria.

Presumably, the two fairly identical articles in the “floodlights” of the Federal Agency for Civic Education and in the “Rheinpfalz am Sonntag” are articles that were initiated by a public relations agency, if not written and illustrated.

The author of the text, in any case the journalist Franziska Grillmeier, named as author, is presented by Google in this way .

There you can also find out marginally who else the journalist is writing for.