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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli authorities summoned Monday the 3-year-old child Muhammad Rabi’ Olayyan from Issawiyyeh in occupied Jerusalem for interrogation for allegedly “throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles while they were raiding the neighbourhood”.

Member of the Issawiyyeh Follow-up Committee Muhammad Abu Hummus said that the Israeli police handed over a summons to the child and ordered his family to bring him to police station on Tuesday.

“That is a sign of the failure of the occupation state”, Abu Hummus said. “The children of Issawiyyeh neighbourhoods are being chased like grown-ups. How would they interrogate a 3-year-old child?”.

Abu Hummus also stated that what the Israeli authorities have been doing to Issawiyyeh neighbourhood of daily raids, arrests, and assaults is a collective punishment, which aims at humiliating the residents and forcing them to subordinate to the occupation state.

The Israeli authorities have started a campaign against the neighbourhood, wounding and arresting dozens of Palestinians, some of whom are children. In several cases, Israeli soldiers have arrested children and women to force imprisoned family members to confess. Daily traffic tickets with large payments are being issued against the residents and raids into their houses are being launched everyday.