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Lawyer Tareq Barghouth accompanying Ahmad Manasrah (13 years old) during a trial in 2015.

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- An Israeli military court sentenced lawyer Tareq Barghout (44 years old) on Tuesday to 13 years and half in jail in addition to a bail of 10,000 Shekels for allegedly executing shootings against Israeli soldiers on checkpoints.

Tareq Barghouth is one of the lawyers at the Palestinian Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs Committee. He also represented Israa Jasbis (a mother who was left in her burning car to get serious injuries before being arrested), and defended the child Ahmad Manasrah (who was shot and left bleeding on the road amid settlers’ hate comments). The Israeli authorities started assaulting Barghouth after statements he made on the case of Manasrah.

The Israeli prosecution claimed that Barghouth was responsible for four shootings against Israeli checkpoints, in which Israeli soldiers were wounded.

Spokesperson of the prisoners of occupied Jerusalem Amjad Abu Asab told QNN that Barghouth was subjected to torture during interrogation, which made him lose over 28 pounds of his weight. He was deprived of sleeping and his wife and sister were arrested to force him confess. Several raids into his house were also conducted.

Abu Asab stated that Barghouth refused to confess despite of the Israeli blackmail and pressure.

Barghouth was arrested in 2015 among other writers and poets over Facebook posts, before being sentenced to nearly one year in jail.