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The US, as part of the new propaganda, to suggest ISIS is now much stronger, has now picked a new so-called leader for ISIS (the don’t say what happened to Abu-Bakr-al-Bagdadi, a.k.a. Shimon Elliot); The propaganda ; Abdollah Qardash, one of the inmates in Camp Buka of Shimon Elliot near the town of Um al-Qasr in Iraq, which was protected by the US, was adopted as al-Baghdadi’s successor.

They say Qardash was one of the dangerous commanders close to Baghdadi, noting that he was the first person who joined the ISIL leader after Mosul’s collapse. A photograph published service showed McCain in deep discussion with leaders of the Free Syrian Army, some of whom also displayed the black Al-Qaeda flag of the al-Nusra Front.

Some doubt arose about the identity of one of these men. I wrote later that he was actually Daesh’s future Caliph (Thierry Meyssan wrote and like me several others), which the Senator’s spokesperson vehemently denied . The spokesperson insisted that the theory was absurd, since Daesh had several times made death threats against the Senator. But shortly afterwards, with no worries about contradicting himself, John McCain declared on TV that he knew the leaders of Daesh personally, and was “in permanent contact with them”.

Supposedly he entertained no illusions about the Islamists, but he could brag that he had learned a thing or two in Vietnam, and was supporting them against “Bashar’s régime” out of strategic necessity. So even before the events in Syria began, McCain had organised their weapons supply from Lebanon, where he chose the village of Arsal as a rear base of operations. His fact-finding tour of jihadist Syria would help in planning Daesh’s future operations.