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Strong ties between the high-ranking jihadists in Syria and Western governments

by Sonja van den Ende

Many jihadists after release from prison resettled in Europe to become assets of Western governments and their intelligence services like MI5, CIA, AIVD, Mossad.

Abu Qatadah al-Homsi deported by the the UK government.  The UK claimed he was deported to Jordan. Not Jordan but Idlib was his residence. He has been killed by the Syrian Arab  Army on 12th of August in al-Habit town . He was a high ranking jihadist. Abu Qatadah boasted to MI5 that he could prevent terrorist attacks and offered to expose dangerous extremists, while all along he was setting up a haven for his terror organisation in Britain. So maybe he was flown with a special purpose to Jordan, to infiltrate the Af-Fakyl terrorist group. Eventually led by him, Abu Qatada al-Homsi, this group confirmed their alliance to the leader of al-Qaeda run by Ayman al-Zawahiri.

He was a “big” fish, during the years of the Syrian conflict. Many jihadists detained at camp Bucca or Quantanamo bay after release resettled in Europe because they were assets of Western governments and their intelligence services like MI5, CIA, Mossad and European agencies like the AIVD (Dutch).

There was the case of Dr. Shahul Islam, a British medical doctor, who was shown in the Dutch and other European  news websites to proclaim the alleged chemical attack in 2017 by Syria and Russia in Khan Shaykun (Idlib). This Dr. Shahul and his brother, turned out to be members of Al-Queda and conducted the killing of journalist James Foley.  Shahul kidnapped the Dutch journalist Jeroen Oerlemans and his colleague John Cantlie in Northern Syria (Idlib), Oerlemans was released, the whereabouts of Cantlie is a mystery. Oerlemans was later killed in Libya, Sirte, by fighters of al-Queda.

Another case, which was actually low-profiled, is the case of Maiwand al-Afghani (a.k.a. Shabir Burhani), a jihadist in the Netherlands, he was a Dutch citizen of Afgan origin (I wrote about him in  my articles on http://freesuriyah.eu/). He joined ISIS in 2015 and vy that time he was seen on a picture with prime minister Rutte of the Netherlands https://www.bol.com/nl/p/how-syria-won-in-the-west/9200000115932978/. He was a celebrity in those days in 2015, invited to talk shows and took pictures with v.i.p’s, like prime minister Rutte.

White Helmets office in the Netherlands

Another important prove that Western governments are supporting high ranking jihadist, is the location of the office of the White Helmets. Various independent journalists uncovered that the group is actually not a so-called relief organization, but  Al-Queda, collaborating with Hayat Tahrir as Sham in Idlib. Their headoffice is in Amsterdam-zuid, De Cuserstraat 93, the Netherlands, anyone can check this. They have set up (the beneficiaries) a foundation to avoid taxing by the Dutch government. In 2015, the British government provided the foundation with £15 million pounds, another $23 million dollars they received from the US and €4 million euro from the Dutch government, also from other governments like the Danish and Norwegian, spending  millions of taxpayers money.

Abu Mohammad al-Julani

Ahmed Hussein al-Shar’a, is his real name, is the commander-in-chief of the Syrian militant group Tahrir al-Sham , he was also the emir of its predecessor organization al-Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda. Very interesting is that he was also detained in camp Bucca, where the so-called Abu-Bakr-al-Baghdadi was a detainee. He was released in 2008, like Abu-Bakr-al-Baghdadi, just before the so-called Arab spring. According to various sources he was born in Da’ara (1979), Syria, were the so-called uprising against President Bashar al-Assad and his government begun. The name Julani or Golani refers to the Golan Heights battle.  The question remains: is or was he a CIA/MI5 asset like other high ranking jihadists?


According to different sources a meeting took place in 2014 where different so-called rebel groups regrouped under the name of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). They received vehicles and massive amounts of weaponry (https://www.voltairenet.org/). They took control of a large part of Syria and Iraq and said they would proclaim an independent state there called ISIL. Iraqi ex-vice-President al-Douri, announced that he would bring 80,000 veteran soldiers of Saddam’s army with him. The CIA confirmed that 120,000 combatants from the Sunni tribes of Al-Anbar province would join ISIL as soon as it arrived, and would supply them with heavy weaponry that the Pentagon would deliver, officially for the Iraqi army.  Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, brokered an agreement allowing his government to annex the disputed territories of Kirkuk as soon as ISIL took Al-Anbar.

Many high ranking jihadists were released prior to the so called ISIL invasion on Syria and Iraq, most of them were detained in camp Bucca and sources say trained by the CIA. Some of them are still in Idlib, like Jolani. The endgame has begun in Idlib and Khan Shaykun, a strategic and very important place.