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by Arabi Souri

Wouldn’t it be better if it’s covering the EU and obliging the Interpol as well to do their job? Or they are activated only if the criminal is not Israeli?

A Spanish National Judge issued the arrest warrant against 7 Israeli current and former politicians including embattled Prime Minister Netanyahu for their criminal roles against the Gaza flotilla attack in 2010.

What puzzles me most of the times with western people is they go after the surface and leaves the core issues untackled. Didn’t anybody ask why was there a flotilla for Gaza? How about whether any of the reasons the flotilla was formed has changed to the better?

You see, who cares whether Netanyahu gets arrested or serves any term in prison? What we care about most is lifting the blockade off Gaza altogether, and let Netanyahu and other criminals answer to God now and at judgment day.

Don’t waste our time and distract our attention on secondary useless details when the main crime not only still exists 9 years on, it exacerbated enormously.