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Treka Z

The Syrian Army and their allies are on the verge of liberating major cities in Idlib from the Jihadist infestation sponsored by NATO.

The Turkish regime is directly intervening to hinder the liberation process by sending aid convoys to Al Qaeda and their affiliates in Khan Sheikhoun. Ankara is seeking to give logistic and strategic support for the retreating Jihadists in an attempt to boost their spirits against the Syrian forces.

Such strategies miserably failed during both Aleppo and Ghouta battles when the US and Israel conducted multiple aggressions against the Syrian Army.

The Syrian Army have targeted the Turkish convoys with airstrikes as a warning to Ankara from further meddling in the Syrian affairs.

Idlib is the last stronghold for Al-Qaeda and its jihadist affiliates in Syria.

According to the mainstream media every single bomb dropped by the Russian and Syrian warplanes in Al Qaeda-held regions is targeting “schools”, “hospitals”, “medical clinics”, “cat sanctuaries” and “last clowns”.

Yet every single attack claimed by the NATO-backed terrorists occupying Idlib targets “regime military forces”, “regime artillery positions”, “military checkpoints” and “chemical weapons facilities”. They deliberately shy away the thousands of Syrians butchered by the “rebels”

We’ve all seen this before during the liberations of Ghouta and Aleppo:

– Starved skinny children, yet the terrorist militants recording them are in perfect shape.

– Children and women saved from underneath the rubble, yet killed terrorists are never shown in the videos. Because if they do show them you will start wondering why were the militants shielding behind civilians.

– Video messages from children inside terrorist-held regions calling for military intervention and holding presidents Assad and Putin responsible for the “atrocities” committed to provide a “humanitarian” excuse for a NATO military intervention to destabilise Syria just like Iraq and Libya.

– Al Qaeda’s “White helmets” HD videos of their Islamist mercenaries “rescuing” children and women yet most Syrians never heard of them.

– Foreign doctors and activists (all Islamists or Islamist affiliated) operating within terrorist-held regions and used as sources by Western and Qatari media.

Surprisingly, once an area is cleansed from the terrorists and liberated by the Syrian Army and their allies, all the “doctors”, “activists”, “White Helmets” and “hospitals bombed” are nowhere to be found. The army is always welcomed with civilians parades celebrating their freedom.

The mainstream media claimed that the Syrian and the Russian militaries have targeted dozens of hospitals in Ghouta and Aleppo only to find out post-liberations that most hospitals were still standing and in good condition. Some hospitals were not operating because the terrorists claimed them as strongholds.

Now that the military offensive against Al Qaeda in Idlib have fully started, expect another “chemical attack” scenario from Al Qaeda’s White Helmets to take over the headlines in an effort to stimulate the outrage of fake “humanists” and give the west enough content to internationally and militarily pressure Damascus from liberating Idlib occupied by NATO and Qatari backed terrorists.

Within the next days dozens of “White Helmets” staged scenes of “the last hospital in Idlib” will emerge to propagandise westerners to favour “regime change” in Syria and to demonise the Syrian government.

I will ask this again:

Why Isn’t the media telling everyone who are the groups controlling Idlib?

Watch this and find out:




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