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Just in case you missed this video from 2014, when war plans had to be re-thought.

We always lump all the terrorist groups as one, because they are and always have been. The names keep changing, as US gets caught out for funding one group, they try to distance themselves by renaming them.

At the beginning of the war when the US were using terrorists to kill Syrians to blame on the Syrian Government, they kept denying there were any terrorists in Syria. They kept calling it a conspiracy theory.

They called them unarmed protestors (even though they were armed) Rebels, then they morphed into the FSA, Al Nusra and ISIS.

The media still kept denying there were any terrorists in Syria, while western governments were arming these groups. It wasn’t until 2014 when the ISIS terrorists crossed the border into Iraq, that they actually admitted the terrorists existed. Even now in the media they only speak of terrorists being in Syria since 2014.

FAKE news started against Russia as punishment for helping Syria fight Western backed terrorists. FAKE news started against people speaking the truth about Syria, when Aleppo was liberated and they knew the truth would get out.

Any country in the world would have thought it a good thing for Russia to step in to help a country fighting terrorism, but not the countries that were funding and supporting the terrorist groups. Instead their condemnation is the proof of their guilt of using terrorism as their own private army to overthrow a country, for oil and other resources.

To this day they are still accusing President Al Assad for killing his own people, without a shred of evidence. Using what the terrorist groups have done to blame on the President. Making up hospitals and then accusing the government of destroying them. In 2014 when ISIS moved into Iraq and their lies about terrorists was out, they had to find a new way to blame Assad.

So they had a 3D film made in Qatar to prove that Assad had been killing and torturing prisoners. They took photos from who knows where and made a 3D image of what they said was a Syrian prison, just to give themselves some evidence, to prove their lies.

In 2011 it was the SAA and Security Forces that were targeted by the terrorist groups, yet the news came out that the government was killing it’s own people. No person with any sense of logic could ever believe such ridiculous lies. The FSA were kidnapping and  massacring children, just so they had something to blame on the government and for no other reason. Thousands of innocent  people being killed just to blame on the government. Senseless killings ordered by the US/UK/France/Saudi Arabia/Israel/Turkey. You just have to look at the leaders that turned up at the so called “Friends of Syria” meetings, to see exactly which countries were involved. This was the war cabinet and every meeting was followed by yet another massacre or chemical attacks.

Ask yourself, why do the Syrian people that live in Syria and endured years of war, will say that President Assad is saving them from being killed by terrorists. It is only terrorists that say that they are being killed by the government. Whether they be in Syria or posing as refugees.

The war criminals are the leaders of the countries, that started this war and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, based on lie after lie. If The Hague does not charge them, then a new court should be set up to do so. Until these leaders are charged with these murders, they will continue to do the same thing, time after time, training more and more terrorists and destroy this planet.