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Beirut (QNN)- Hezbollah is preparing a “calculated strike” against the occupation state ‘Israel’ after Israeli drones downed in Beirut but it seeks to avoid a new war, two sources allied to the armed Shi’ite movement told Reuters on Tuesday.

A response “is being arranged in a way which wouldn’t lead to a war”, one of the sources said.

“The direction now is for a calculated strike, but how matters develop, that’s another thing.”

Netanyahu said on Tuesday Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah should “calm down” after Nasrallah said the movement would respond to the Israeli drones downed in a Beirut suburb.

Hezbollah revealed Tuesday that one of the Israeli drones, downed last Sunday, had a C-4 explosive device attached to it and that the drone’s target was to bomb a target in Beirut.

‘Israel’ has sent two drones to Beirut, where one exploded at Hezbollah’s information centre while the other was downed and dismantled.