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by Arabi Souri

You don’t need to be powerful by your own means to be a bully, you can depend on a monster covering your back.

A member of the pro Zionist Quora Q & A wiki platform asked this question: Is Israel the bully in the Middle East?

Now, the answer that came to my mind as soon as I read the question itself gave me the conclusion that Quora will eventually block me there for sure, they did censor most of my answers related to Israeli war crimes, and I got two blocking warnings, the last one when they censored 5 answers at the same time. That’s why after writing the answers there I’m usually sharing them here to preserve them, same what I’ll do with my latest. So here what I wrote replying to the member’s question:

Before the British created Israel over Palestinian stolen land there was no Middle East, it was the Arab World, to start with.

Israel is not a state by its own, actually calling itself a state instead of say a Republic, or a nation, or a country tells by far that it’s mainly the 51st state of the United States of America, out of most politicians in the US the former vice president and current presidential hopeful Joe Biden put it this way: If there was no Israel then the United States should have created one.

So the question could be: Is the USA the bully in the Arab World? This is more factual, comprehensible and realistic and the answer is definitely a yes.

Critics of this answer can just show us the recognised borders of the ‘state of Israel’ so we can start learning if it’s a bully or not.

In the whole world and throughout its very rich history we learn that communities create a state and create an army for it, unlike in Israel where terrorist groups were created, main ones were Stern, Irgun, and the Haganah, and then they were united to form the current IDF,  an army which had a state was created for it…!

Israel has a role in the Arab World and the location of Palestine serves that role very well in many aspects one is: It’s in the centre connecting the Levant, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula on one side with Egypt and through it to the North African Arab countries on the other side thus preventing a unification of any sort among the people of same language, history, culture, and even sharing the same divine religions.

The above map shows the Arab World – highlighted areas, and you can find the place of Palestine occupied now by Israel.

Another aspect it’s an entity that would in the anti-Jewish Zionist agenda will set the stage for the kingdom of the Anti-Christ, their Messiah, since they do not believe in Jesus and wants a prophet of their own with a mindset like theirs. This is mentioned in all their books and ideology, nothing from me. In order to create this kingdom they want to build a temple and claim it’s the old temple of King Solomon which they’re rebuilding after thousands of years. And this can happen after ethnic cleansing of the real Semite people of Palestine and large areas of other Levant countries. The Netanyahu’s ‘Only Jewish State’ is just one step of that and you can imagine that this is the creation of a true apartheid regime.

Watch real Jews protest against anti-Jewish Israel:

Link to the above tweet video: https://twitter.com/saulbenkish/status/1180211868218068992

In order for this state to be created they need, in addition to stealing more land and evict the landowners from their properties, they need to secure it from attempts by the Semite people to get their lands back, therefore, in each strife around the world and mainly in our region you’ll see the fingerprints of Israel all over it.

The Arab Spring is just one episode, the war against Yemen, the war against Libya, the cessation calls of Catalonia, the Indian latest Kashmir acts, the problems between Ukraine and Russia, the split of Sudan into two… Don’t get excited, Israel cannot do any of that by its own, it has the full resources of the USA and all its cronies in the region including the Saudis, Qataris and other Gulfies, the UK, France, all of NATO (they all share the same doctrine since their countries were occupied by the same cult) and lately the crowd were joined by Turkish pariah and caliph wanna be Erdogan who in the video in this post clearly says he was assigned a leading role in the Greater Israel project dubbed the Greater Middle East project, watch for yourself: Erdogan, the Tool in the Hands of the Zionists

So, yes, Israel is the bully not only to the region, but beyond all around the world, again, not by any of its means, it’s using the resources of many willful evil minded countries, it does live on daily payouts by the US citizens of US$ 3 million per day!

End of my answer there.