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by Arabi Souri

Erdogan’s patience is running thin with the US and wants to end the terror of the Kurds in northeast Syria. Look who’s talking about terror? Not that the Kurds are better than him, it turned out.

He sold his soul to the devil and followed the cult that wants to set the stage for the Anti-Christ even if they need to carry out the promised Armageddon that will see millions killed.

In this context, Erdogan forces are amassing at Syria’s northern borders now, and a concerned member of the pro Zionist social platform Quora asked this question: Why, in October 2019, did Turkey publicly announce that it was starting a military offensive against the Kurds in Northeast Syria?

I was tagged for an answer and so I left a reply there which I’m copying here to preserve it from Quora’s heavy censorship and also share it with readers on this platform. This is what I answered:

It’s the Ottomans and Caliphate dream of the anti-Islamic pariah ruling Turkey and his Muslim Brotherhood AK Party.

Erdogan was assigned the role of regional leader of Muslims under the US command to enable the ‘Greater Israel Project’ they dubbed the project for the dumb as ‘Greater Middle East Project’.

Watch Erdogan explain his role in this in the video here: Erdogan, the Tool in the Hands of the Zionists.

A way to enable this project was to control the outcome of the Pentagon’s Otpur project of colored revolutions in the region and they dubbed the project for the dumb as ‘Arab Spring’.

They succeeded quite astonishingly in their project – including a full invasion of Libya, they took Egypt, Tunisia on their way, started in Yemen and then reached Syria where the Syrians were more vigilant and weren’t fooled by a NATO introduced project, see we have decades of hostilities with NATO and we will never trust this evil camp can bring any good especially to our region.

The refusal of the Syrian state and its armed forces, its diplomatic body, its establishments and the people of the project forced NATO to import hundreds of thousands of terrorists from all sides of the world to carry out the ‘grassroots revolution’ on behalf of the Syrians on the account of the Syrians, and when the Syrians started winning against the US-led War of Terror waged against them, the US and its cronies resorted to Economic Terrorism in the shape of draconian sanctions and complete blockade against Syria, and when they realized that is failing then they had to bring in NATO forces directly to the battlefield, and Erdogan sent his forces in illegal incursions under the guise of fighting the more dumber separatist Kurds who worked as bait for NATO.

Two previous military operations carried out by NATO member state Turkey to the west of the Euphrates Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield, and this anticipated move is just a continuation of the same plan..

There’s no good coming out of this, on the short terms for the Syrian people, and in the longer term it’s all good for the Syrian people and all bad for Turkey and its camp that includes – don’t pay attention to the vocal noise they all work for the same maestro: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar among the other Gulfies, the rest of NATO, and other willing fools.

When you watch Erdogan attacking Israel or the US policies or Saudi, or the others attack Turkey verbally, just laugh at the circus and black comedy, it’s all noise pollution to fool the masses while they carry out their plans.