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They won’t tell you the real thing at first until they finish from the embarrassing part first.

From the Express:

Concern that the Coalition Joint Special Operations Task Force was becoming increasingly surrounded by Syrian and Russian units was so severe that it partly prompted the five-day cease fire negotiated by US Vice President Mike Pence and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

And you thought the US president would send his deputy in such a rush and with such threats to save the Kurds or the Syrians from an aggression? Similarly to why Trump chose not to retaliate to the Iranian shooting down of the US drone, he wanted to save the lives of 150 human casualties, of the US forces not Iranians. Read this: When Trump Cancelled the Strike on Iran – Leak Update.

Since the news of the deployment of first Obama troops inherited later by Trump we warned that Syria is not a friendly place for them, our warnings were to dead ears, similarly to whenever we were telling Syria is not like Iraq and definitely not like Libya, to the same deaf ears and dead brains.

To invade Syria, the US needs to create an international coalition of evil minded started that are willing to bleed not only bombing by remote control run drones. At the height of the US and UK invasion of Iraq when the US alone had half a million soldiers at Syria’s eastern borders, NATO member state Turkey on its northern borders, Israel on its southwest, and Saudi sponsored terrorists all over and surrounding back in 2003, when Russia was struggling to hold itself together, Iran was under severe UNSC sanctions, Syria dared to challenge the US, shrugged off the threats of visiting the most disgraced liar among the US generals turned Secretary of State.

Not only that, over the coming couple of years, Syria, with the assistance of Iran, would turn the stay of the invaders in Iraq to hell forcing them to withdraw most of their troops and for Iraq to get a more independent foreign policy.

At that time, the NATO strategists were more smarter than those today and refused to meddle in Syria, Syria needed a tailored plan that would destroy the rest of the world to reach it, and thus the Arab Spring.

Even then we warned Syria is not easy to crack, Syrian President Assad warned of playing with the earthquake faultline Syria as that would affect the whole world, he was also ridiculed by the dead brains and their propagandists, where are we today?

Didn’t we say that what the US and its lackeys see as assets placing their forces in our region we see them as their liabilities that they’d beg to allow them to withdraw them safe? Go back to my previous writings, and I was telling that I’m there darkest days we Syrians had. The more the US would get involved the more we saw hope of winning the war, as simple as that.

There are still US troops in southeast Syria in al-Tanf, they’re holding Syrian families there in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp, if Trump is smart enough he would order a similar swift withdrawal of those similar to how we pulled out his forces from northeast Syria.