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This article is from 2014 and deals with the UN report on the US torture program. The reason Obama chose to “look forward” rather than bring war criminals in the GW Bush and CIA to justice was, as we now know, because Democratic Leaders (Pelosi & Schumer) had been briefed on the program (as well as the unconstitutional surveillance programs) and remained silent and therefore complicit. They were in effect compromised. Prosecuting the war criminals would have damaged the party. In 2019 the difference between the Bush Cheney NeoCons and the Democrat NeoCons is illusory.

QUOTE: Months after President Obama frankly admitted that the United States had “tortured some folks” as part of the War on Terror, a new report submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture has been released that excoriates his administration for shielding the officials responsible from prosecution.

The report describes the post-9/11 torture program as “breathtaking in scope”, and indicts both the Bush and Obama administrations for complicity in it – the former through design and implementation, and the latter through its ongoing attempts to obstruct justice. Noting that the program caused grievous harm to countless individuals and in many cases went as far as murder, the report calls for the United States to “promptly and impartially prosecute senior military and civilian officials responsible for authorizing, acquiescing, or consenting in any way to acts of torture.” END QUOTE.