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On November 20, Governor of Damascus countryside Ala’a Ibrahim said that the governorate will provide assistance and help to those affected by the brutal Israeli aggression and will repair the damaged houses.

During a call with the Syrian television channel, Ibrahim said that the work to provide assistance to the affected people will start from now, pointing out that the mayors of towns in the Damascus Countryside are checking all the damage caused by the aggression.

Ibrahim said that rescue teams will remove the rubble in the town of Sa’asa, where a house was destroyed and three people were recovered alive and the rest of the family members whose house was attacked by the Israeli brutal attack.

He added that ambulances and fire engines have been sent to the attacked areas in Damascus Countryside and that the governorate will follow up the situation of the injured in hospitals.

After midnight, the air defense forces in the Syrian Army responded to heavy Israeli aggression with missiles on areas around Damascus and destroyed most of the missiles before reaching their targets, while a number of civilians were injured as a result of the aggression.

O. al-Mohammad