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Ramallah (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Centre for Studies revealed that it documented arresting 15,000 women and girls since 1967, 2100 of them have been arrested following the Intifada of the Al Aqsa, including dozens of minors, wounded, and elderly women.

The centre also said that the occupation state has escalated arrests against Palestinian women following the Intifada of Jerusalem in 2015. Nearly 800 women were arrested following the Intifada, including minors and wounded women, 44 of them are still held in Israeli jails, including 20 mothers.

The centre called to stop all assaults and torture against Palestinian female prisoners and to release them.

The press release was issued, remarking the international day for the elimination of violence against women, calling on the international community to apply human rights standards without bias or political hypocrisy.

The statement assured that the Israeli authorities practice all forms of torture and violence against Palestinian female prisoners unchallenged.

It also stated that international organisations make laws and legislation, criminalising violence and torture against women, but they turn a blind eye to the Israeli crimes and violations against Palestinian female prisoners, which encourages the occupation state to continue its inhumane practices.

The statement noted that there are 29 female prisoners, who were brought to court and sentenced to different sentences, 8 of them were sentenced to long periods in jail. Shourouq Dwayyat (22 years old) and Shatila Abu Iyadeh (26 years old) were both sentenced to 16 years in jail.

The Israelis also issued over 64 administrative detention orders against women and girls. The female prisoners are subjected as well to medical negligence, especially against those who were wounded during arrest.