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via Andrea Klein

Hanin Elias: “So now the Uyghurs from China are the new human rights project of the West?

While Saudi Arabia is the new president of the G20 and presents women’s rights?

While the new movie “ the report “ about torture crimes by the CIA after 9/11 comes out?

After Epstein and James Le Mesurier were suicided?

After two whistleblowers say that the OPCW lied about the chemical attacks in Syria and everyone just bombed the country anyways?

After Trump confessed that US is keeping the Oil in Syria…

After Prince Andrew was caught being a pedo?

After Israel confessed that it helped ISIS and Al Qaida in Syria all along?

After hundreds of Palestinians get shot and imprisoned before our eyes every week?

After Julian Assange is about to die in prison for telling the truth?

After the poorest country Yemen is fighting for its existence with all its power against the rich Saudi nation which also slaughtered a journalist in an embassy recently without harsh consequences by the world or sanctions?

After a US led military coup in Bolivia to install a white supremacy leader who kills the indigenous population?

So now the Uyghurs are the new chosen victims? There are about 18.000 Uighur fighters in Idlib Syria fighting for Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and ISIS! They are extremely fanatic and dangerous!

But the “US wanna be coup” in China doesn’t seem to go as planned….

So now the population needs to be manipulated through other means…

If you see the new human rights mission on AJ or BBC etc., just keep this in mind”